Staff Biographies

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member, Founding Member of U.S. Army Museum, Science Fiction Book Club

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Travel, hiking, zip-lining, home improvement, gardening and playing with my grand kids

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Hawaii, Seattle/Tacoma area, Moab, Zion, southern Utah and Salt Lake City Areas

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Applied for the Membership Manager position in 1998

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I want the BlueRibbon Coalition to be so recognizable as an OHV advocacy group that no one ever asks, “Blue Who?” again.

  •  Ben Burr is a longtime advocate and fighter for increased access to public lands and utilization of natural resources. From spending his summers in high school working for a helicopter logging operation in multiple states, to working in the U.S. Senate, he has been directly involved in issues related to land policy for most of his working life. In addition to these experiences, he has owned restaurants, worked as a digital marketing consultant, and started a software company.

    He recently moved to New Harmony, Utah after spending seven years working for Senator Mike Lee in Washington DC. While working in the Senate he kept a close eye on the challenges facing our public land system and identified several opportunities to fundamentally change how public lands are managed. After leaving the Senate he has worked  as an independent public lands consultant, where he helps miners, ranchers, OHV groups, and others resolve conflicts with government agencies. He has been able to influence legislation and messaging on federal issues. He has successfully worked legislation through the Utah State Legislature as a citizen advocate.

    He has a solid working knowledge of state and federal regulatory environments, and has been successful in getting favorable outcomes for clients who have faced significant regulatory burdens. He is known and respected by many business and government leaders throughout the West. He has a wife, four kids, one dog, 11 chickens, and 3 acres of rural southern Utah land. He loves living in the rural West, and spends most of his time trying to make it a better place.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS:  BlueRibbon Coalition Life Member, Founding Member of U.S. Army Museum, NRA Life Member.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Travel, hiking, zip-lining, home renovation, stained glass, woodworking and playing with my grand kids

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Hawaii, Seattle/Tacoma area, Moab, Zion, southern Utah and Salt Lake City Areas

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: I have worked as a volunteer since 1998, when Mary Jo came to work here, and began my current job in November of 2005.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Increase membership by educating every recreationist about the importance of being involved.

  • [picture]RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobiling, camping, hiking, skiing, white water rafting

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Yellowstone National Park

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: I have always felt that public lands should be for the public, and working for the BlueRibbon Coalition provided me with the opportunity to be in the middle of a national effort to do just that.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: As the Coalition grows, so too does our voice grow. My greatest desire is to see organizations like BRC and Tread Lightly! gain the same level of respect given to more extreme environmental groups like the Sierra Club or Greenpeace. I would like to see BRC recognized as a mainstream environmental alternative to the extreme solutions proposed by these groups.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: BlueRibbon Coalition Life member and Past President, Colorado Snowmobile Association Founder and Board member, President S&W Adventure Riders Snowmobile Club, International Snowmobile Media Council Trip Leader, Iron Dog Brigade National Honorary member, International Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductee, Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Organization Founder, Colorado Foundation for Parks, Board member and Colorado Awards President.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobile adventures, Personal Watercraft trips, Boating at Lake Powell, River rafting, Four Wheeling, Old vehicle restoring, Forest Planning, National Park Planning.

    HOME STATE: Colorado

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Yellowstone National Park in winter by snowmobile, Colorado Border to Border snowmobile adventures,  Continental Divide Snowmobile Trail in Wyoming,  Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.  Grand Mesa, the Sunlight to Powderhorn Trail in Colorado.

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: In 1987 I attended a founders meeting for BlueRibbon in Utah and decided if I helped found BRC I could make a difference. In addition, after joining the BRC Board of Directors and after several years a Board member, I became President of the Coalition and served as President for 11 years.  I have chaired several Task forces for BRC including the Yellowstone Task Force to keep snowmobile access to Yellowstone National Park.    I led the Lake Powell PWC Task force that helped maintain PWC access to Lake Powell for ten years. Most recently I have served as a consultant to the Coalition.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To continue to grow the BRC membership and take advantage of our abilities to use our Legal Action Program which makes BRC a special player in the responsible recreation arena.  In addition, BRC needs to grow financial support from the recreationist community  we represent and additional support from the industries that also provide the equipment and accessories for that recreationist.  Remember T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Accomplishes More!