Staff Biographies

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS:, Idaho State University

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Motorcycle trail riding, motorcycle racing, mountain biking, climbing, skiing, music, guitar.

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: The Tour of Idaho

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Fighting to keep the Tour of Idaho open for a decade.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To help ensure that everyone who loves the outdoors as much as I do has access to the lands they pay to maintain.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: Science Fiction Book Club

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Travel, home improvement, gardening and playing with my grandkids

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: The Seattle and Salt Lake City Areas

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Applied for the Membership Manager position in 1998

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I want the BlueRibbon Coalition to be so recognizable as an OHV advocacy group that no one ever asks, “Blue Who?” again.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: Columbia House DVD Club

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Travel, home improvement, gardening and playing with my grandkids

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: The Seattle and Salt Lake City areas

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: I have worked as a volunteer since 1998, when Mary Jo came to work here, and began my current job in November of 2005.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: Increase membership by educating every recreationist about the importance of being involved.

  • [picture]RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Snowmobiling, camping, hiking, skiing, white water rafting

    HOME STATE: Idaho

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Yellowstone National Park

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: I have always felt that public lands should be for the public, and working for the BlueRibbon Coalition provided me with the opportunity to be in the middle of a national effort to do just that.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: As the Coalition grows, so too does our voice grow. My greatest desire is to see organizations like BRC and Tread Lightly! gain the same level of respect given to more extreme environmental groups like the Sierra Club or Greenpeace. I would like to see BRC recognized as a mainstream environmental alternative to the extreme solutions proposed by these groups.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: California Association of 4WD Clubs (CA4WDC), Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR), etc.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Four-wheeling, writing, photography, music, hunting, fishing, sight-seeing and adventuring.

    HOME STATE: California

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Death Valley, CA; Moab, UT; Rubicon Trail, CA; and Sweetwater Mountains, CA.

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: Clark Collins asked me to help with the BRC Strategic Plan in 1996. I have been a loyal member ever since because BRC is all sports and all trails, nationwide.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To continue to implement the long term BRC Strategic Plan to help build membership and financial stability for BRC.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: Cal4WDC, Snowmobile Alliance of Western States (SAWS), Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR), United Four Wheel Drive, and my local four wheel drive club the Motherlode Rockcrawlers.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Traveling in general, fishing, camping, photography, jeepin’, snowmobiling, cruising my classic, swimming, reading, walking the trails and meeting other people with similar interests.


    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA:That’s a tough one. I would have to say the Rubicon (that is where I met Del), yet Logandale, Nevada is awesome; the Sweetwater Mountians out of Bridgeport are a must see; and Alaska is great too!

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: After hearing about a local closure effort in my own backyard, I got involved with getting petitions signed when I was on the trail to keep them open for all access. I later met Del Albright who just happened to be very involved with BRC. It was a natural progression for me to be more active in BRC and I have been involved with educating both the private and public sector in the responsible use of our public and private lands for our recreational needs and purposes.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: I would like to see the BRC expand and move towards being a more prolific entity that rivals the anti-access groups that are working hard to close our public lands. Educating the public users is also an integral part of our fight for keeping our lands open, so I also advocate for and teach responsible use and pass those values on to my family and friends. I am also very involved in recruiting new members as membership is the key to our goal of “Preserving our Natural Resources FOR the Public Instead of FROM the Public.”

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: Steering Committee Member, Western Communities for Environmental Solutions; Charter Member, Resource Education Network; Member, AMA District 36; Member, AMA; Member, Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Posse.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Off-road motorcycling, fishing, four wheeling, exploring national forest lands, desert touring, camping, dual-sport motorcycling, snowmobiling, target shooting, paint ball, politics.

    HOME STATE: California

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Grindstone Ranger District (Stonyford OHV Area) on the Mendocino National Forest, CA; Foresthill OHV Area, Tahoe National Forest, CA.

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: In 1990 I became concerned about the loss of multiple-use lands and decided to do something about it and joined the BRC.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To proactively champion responsible multiple use recreation on public and private lands. Continue to build new alliances with other multiple-use interest groups.

  • [picture]AFFILIATIONS: American Motorcyclist Association, NOLS

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Motorcycling (all forms), hiking, camping, bicycling (mountain/road), drumming/music and fitness.

    HOME STATE: Favorite Trail/Area: Redbird Crest Trail, Daniel Boone National Forest

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED IN BRC: In the 1990’s, motorized recreation in Daniel Boone National Forest was severely threatened by lawsuits. I led a group of dedicated individuals, local and national organizations, spearheaded by BRC’s Legal Program, that helped retain trail accessibility to DBNF.

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: To continue building our capabilities and reputation as a champion for responsible multiple-use policies and inclusive practices on our public/private lands throughout the nation.