Sharetrails Challenge 2017

It's summer time! To herald the arrival of the fun season and to continue our celebration of Coalition's 30th year we are embarking on our 2nd annual #SharetrailsChallenge!
This year we've enjoyed unparalleled success in defending access and working on the elimination of needless rules and regulations that hinder your ability to recreate on public land. We've established direct access to policy makers at the highest levels. All of this is thanks to you, our members and supporters. But we need you now more than ever to help us get to the next level.
The goals of the #SharetrailsChallenge are to promote, the preservation of access through social media and to raise our profile. Lawmakers know about us, as do our opponents, but most OHV recreationists do not. Though we are growing at a healthy rate our relatively austere membership numbers (compared to those of our opponents) hinder our ability to raise the money that we need to compete.
So please participate in the #SharetrailsChallenge by liking and sharing the challenge on social media and by convincing others to do the same. #SharetrailsChallenge - Like, share, join, get others to join, donate and spread the word! Show the preservationists and extreme environmentalists that you care just as much as they do about public land.

#SharetrailsChallenge: Here's how it works. Go HERE (8.5 x 11") or HERE (11 x 17") to download/print a copy of our Sharetrails Challenge sign (or make your own). Then take a photograph or video holding the sign (interesting backgrounds are a bonus!) and share it on social media with the #SharetrailsChallenge hashtag (see instructions below). Tell everyone how you are answering the challenge - joining, donating, sharing, getting others involved! Tag your friends and challenge them to join and match your support for

JOIN:  We are at a disadvantage in numbers because our membership is far below groups who oppose recreation access. Preservationists groups succeed largely because of their numbers, not because of the merits of their arguments. As the only multi modal 50-state organization that fights for your rights to access we need to grow. #SharetrailsChallenge - join and convince others to join as well.

DONATE:  Summer is our leanest time - all of you are out having fun. But the work here never stops. This summer our Executive Director and other members of our staff are engaged in direct meetings with members of Congress and representatives of Federal Agencies at the highest levels. None of this is possible without your support. Please donate if you can. Any amount helps.

Please note the following:
  • Hashtags are the most reliable on with Twitter, so please post there if at all possible.
  • The next most reliable social media platform for handling hashtags is Instagram, so by all means post your challenge there (particularly if you are unable to post them on Twitter)
  • Post your challenge on any other social media platforms you like, such as Facebook!
As we see them, we will display a number of participants in the feeds below, so come back often! The "Featured Challenger" in the last feed will contain a post we found particularly interesting.

Thanks for participating!