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RIDERS UNITE (#RidersUnite)
Riders Unite is an idea born of a partnership between business, advocacy groups and riders all united to dramatically change the manner in which the Federal Government (and other land use agencies) see OHV interests.

Riders Unite aims to ensure that conversations about the management of Public Lands are not dominated by environmental and preservationist interests. Public Lands belong to everyone and OHV interests are legally entitled to a seat at the table. Our goal is to make sure that we are fully involved in all conversations regarding the management of our shared heritage. Although our arguments, based on demonstrable economic benefits and issues of fairness, are very strong we’ve faced strong headwinds for decades. The opportunity to change the narrative is now. The message “It’s everyone’s Public Land” resonates in the right places. It’s up to us, however, to take it to the next level – while the time is ripe.

Riders Unite Objectives:

  • Ensure that Federal Agencies recognize OHV interests as entirely legitimate and view them as equal stakeholders in access to Public Lands
  • Ensure that land managers across the spectrum recognize OHV interests as a sustainable and renewable resource
  • Promote the demonstrable economic benefits of OHV use to rural areas that in many cases desperately need the economic boost that OHV use can generate
  • Develop regional guidelines that will promote, manage and encourage responsible motorized use of public lands
  • Demonstrate to land managers and competing groups that by broadening the coalition of Public Lands stakeholders to substantively include OHV interests we are doing more to establish the value of the Public Lands and ultimately to protect them
  • Broaden our coalition by encouraging younger people to join us. Without showing the next generation why all of this is important to them our efforts will ultimately be for naught. Our public lands and business interests may ultimately depend on this

What you can do:

  • Join and support advocacy groups such as who stand up for access
  • Support Riders Unite Events
  • Support Riders Unite Sponsors
  • Enlist everyone that you know to join the cause
  • Become a Riders Unite sponsor