Jeffery Neal Hawkins

Jeffery Neal Hawkins

Jeff Hawkins

JEFFERY NEAL HAWKINS passed away on February 13, 2013 from an unexpected brain aneurysm. Jeff was an avid outdoorsman. He loved to explore and experience the Utah back country. Jeff used four wheel drives, mountain bikes, hiking, boats, and toward the last part of his life Adventure motorcycles to get him where he need to go to experience his love for the desert and mountains. Jeff also shared this passion with his children.

Jeff is survived by his two children Colin (son) and Taylor (daughter); his brother, Kevin; his sister Lorna; his mother, Gay and his father, Darrell.


It has taken me some time to heal, and now it’s time to do something for Jeff. His birthday is July 20th so I plan to do a memorial motorcycle run on behalf of my brother to symbolize what Jeff meant to me. My goal is to complete a motorcycle certified ride known as the Saddle Sore and Bunburner 1,000 mile ride under 24 hours one.

If it wasn’t for our access to our Utah back country I wouldn’t have the camping trip memories that Jeff has left for me to remember him by. Because of these memories, I would like friends and family to make a donation in Jeff’s memory to the “BlueRibbon Coalition” a group who fights to keep our public lands accessible to everyone and doing so, will help future generations to make great family memories as well

Thanks for all your support!
Kevin Hawkins