Wyoming – Trail 38


pd-fortmen-sm_504x378The BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC) has filed a complaint against the Federal government to challenge the arbitrary closure of, “Trail 38,” a high value single-track motorcycle trail in Wyoming. The BRC Legal Program is representing a local AMA District club and local users in the case. “Though the trail mileage is small, the stakes are high,” said J.R. Riggins, a plaintiff in the suit and Wyoming dirt bike rider.

“The Forest Service apparently thought it could fly under the radar and close this trail without meaningful analysis or public process. We are calling their bluff,” Riggins concluded. “The Forest Service designated Trail 38 for motorized access in the 2007 Motor Vehicle Use Map. This designation reflects the conclusion of formal agency analysis and an official designation of Trail 38 as suitable for continuing motorized access. However, the 2013 Map removes the challenged segment of Trail 38, but the agency did not comply with the regulatory procedure for revising or amending a designation. To the Forest Service and non-motorized trail advocates, this may reflect a neat and easy way to eliminate 4.5 miles of motorized trail. To motorcycle riders, this is a loss of a key piece of Wyoming single-track, something that this State sadly lacks. And worse, this method could be seen as a means by which the Forest Service might navigate under the public planning radar to revise trail designation decisions.

The Trail 38 project is therefore a key step in the ongoing fight to defend all motorized recreation. We can’t afford to lose the miles at stake, but equally important is the need to enforce the letter and integrity of the Forest Service designation process. If the Forest Service can close Trail 38 this way today, your favorite 5 mile trail may be next.  

The Trail 38 suit will succeed only through earmarked support by grassroots recreation interests. Please donate today to help restore access to Trail 38 and to aid BlueRibbon’s continued presence enhancing your recreational access.”

Current Update

This case was just filed in August, 2014 and challenges the closure of a key piece of Wyoming single-track. In this case, BRC and its partners the Inyan Kara Riders and J.R. Riggins are plaintiffs, and have sued the Forest Service to set aside the illegal closure of Trail 38. Stay tuned, though this case is young we will have exciting news to report very soon.


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