Colorado – Rico-West Dolores Area, San Juan National Forest


joint_letterhead_colorado_legal-iconOHV recreation in Colorado has been under preservationist attack for decades. These groups are funded by wealthy Trusts and Foundations, and they spare no expense in their attempts to close your trails. They are ratcheting up the heat and we must forcefully respond.

Several National Forests in Colorado have finished travel planning, and thanks to Herculean efforts by OHV users across the state, most trail systems are still open. Naturally, the next step for the anti-recreation crowd is to march into federal court and demand more closures.

Currently there are two lawsuits working their way through the courts now, one on the Pike – San Isabel National Forest and the other on the San Juan National Forest.

This situation is serious. Aside from a decision closing trails, the radicals and their lawyers are hoping to establish precedent that can be applied across ALL public lands in Colorado.

Anti-access groups are hoping to set bad precedent that can be used across the state to eliminate as much OHV use as possible. We intend to vigorously defend OHV use and protect against the possibility of any “sweetheart settlement” with the federal government

Local, state and national OHV groups have crafted a coordinated strategy, including formal intervention in both of these cases. We intend to vigorously defend OHV use and guard against any potential “sweetheart settlement” between the anti-access crowd and the federal government. But litigation is not cheap, and we need to raise funds for this important legal effort.

Please donate today to the Colorado Legal Action Fund. This fund has been set up by the BlueRibbon Coalition, the Colorado Off Highway Vehicle Coalition and Colorado’s Trail Preservation Alliance. Any contributions to this fund go specifically to battle these and other future Colorado lawsuits.

The anti-access lawyers must not be allowed to have their way in federal court. Please make your generous donation today!

PS: No “war chest” currently exists to fight these lawsuits. Your donation is critical to our efforts.

Procedural Summary (Update 10-04-2012)

The anti-access Plaintiff tried to get a preliminary injunction to close 14 key motorcycle trails on or before June, 2012. The Court refused to grant the injunction, and combined the motion with the merits. Briefing was completed over the summer, and the Court has indicated that it will review the pleadings and determine whether or not to hear oral argument.

Current Status

This case was filed in December, 2011 by Colorado Backcountry Hunters and Anglers to close 14 prime trails to motorized use. BRC and Colorado partners (TPA, COHVCO, PAPA and SJTR) are intervenors, with full party status, working alongside the Forest Service to defend continuing motorized use. Our defense has been a successful one at every step of the process, starting with a May, 2012 ruling that rejected CBHA’s motion for a preliminary injunction, to a March, 2013 ruling in favor of the USFS/Intervenors. CBHA has predictably appealed, with briefing before the Tenth Circuit occurring in the summer, 2014. Oral argument was just scheduled in Denver on November 21, 2014.


Lawsuits threaten IMMEDIATE CLOSURE of OHV trails!
Please help us defend trails against aggressive environmentalist attack.