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    • Filed successful motion to dismiss anti-access lawsuit in Utah, leading to 9-0 U.S. Supreme Court decision limiting enviro “failure to act” claims
    • Filed suit challenging Trail 38 closure in Wyoming, leading to settlement and re-opening of the trail
    • Obtained en banc decision with the 9th Circuit eliminating “Federal Defendant Rule” limits to participation in environmental lawsuits
    • Filed lawsuit against United States Park Service in Utah, resulting in re-opening of Lake Powell to personal watercraft
    • Defended anti-access lawsuit in California and successfully cross-claimed against Eldorado Forest, resulting in continuing access and re-opening of closed routes
    • Participated in critical negotiations on H.R. 1913 (the “Clear Creek National Recreation Area and Conservation Act”) through the U.S. Senate, where prospects look good for action on the bill in 2018
    • Facilitated formation of the “Olympic Public Access Coalition,” a new regional umbrella group to represent the access interests for hunting, fishing, off-road, business, local/state government & equestrian communities on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State
    • Achieved victory on the Winter Use Issue in Yellowstone National Park, after a 17 year of battle in court

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