Board of Directors Election

Your Vote Counts!The Sharetrails.Org/BlueRibbon Coalition(BRC) 2017 Board of Directors Election is here. This year's board election includes two current board members running for re-election and four new candidates running to fill open seats.

Current board members up for re-election are Todd Ockert and Matt Westrich. The four new candidates are Matt Adams, Mona Drake, Edward Moore and Peter Prince.

The election itself is occurring online and via mailed ballots, with final voting taking place on location at the General Meeting of Sharetrails/BRC on Sunday, October, 29, 2017 (at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino, 3000 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV). Look for the signs to the conference rooms. The meeting will commence at 10:00 am and end around 2:00 pm.

All members in good standing are eligible to vote.

Candidates For Re-Election...

  • Born:  Redlands California.
    Raised in:  Traverse City Michigan and currently reside in Hanford California
    Years off-roading:  42 years

    In his own words…

    I grew up in Traverse City in Michigan, where my parents went off-roading in the back roads of Michigan for years, and still do, but in Nevada with warmer weather now.  
    I continue the tradition of taking my family camping and off-roading after I joined the Navy in 1984.  Since moving to California in 2000 when the Navy relocated me, I continued to off-road to this day, and take my family camping and just enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.  I retired from the Navy in 2009 and immediately went to work for Chevron in the Coalinga California oil fields as a Fieldman. My current position is of Incident, Investigations, and Reporting Coordinator in the HES department…(MORE)

  • Born and Raised: St. Louis Mo. (A long time ago)

    Years Off-Roading: 34 years!

    AFFILIATIONS: Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, Take Back Utah, Desert RATS, Utah Public Lands Association, Big Horn 4×4 Club Ogden Utah, Red Rock 4Wheelers, Moab Friends for Wheeling, Wasatch Outlaw Wheelers, and NAMRC.

    RECREATIONAL INTERESTS: Full Size 4×4, but understand and respect all other forms of Off-Road interest.

    HOME STATE: Utah

    FAVORITE TRAIL/AREA: Northern Utah, Moab, Hurricane Utah.

    HOW YOU GOT INVOLVED: I was elected to the Board of Directors of the Utah 4-Wheel Drive Association, and it just kept going from there!

    COMMENTS/GOALS FOR BRC: BRC is the leading national Landuse organization in the country! I want to assist in making it even better by bring my resources to the table to keep us at the top and moving forward to the future! I feel highly honored to be asked to be here!

New Candidates...

  • I’m a 25 year resident of Colorado, using public lands on an almost daily basis.  I dirt bike, mountain bike, hike, hunt, run, snowbike, backcountry ski and snowmobile.  I have been active with the San Juan Trailriders and PAPA in Southwest Colorado trying to keep our trail systems open and hopefully create new ones.  I have worked with the FS and BLM as a volunteer and have good rapport with our local rangers.  I have worked with BRC Legal regarding the various Rico/West Dolores shenanigans.  I’m passionate about these sports and don’t want to see the public lose access to one more acre.  Lastly, I am semi-retired at 50 and have time to volunteer.  Resume and photo to follow if the BRC is interested in pursuing this nomination.

    Affiliations: Public Access Preservation Association (PAPA) board member, member San Juan Trailriders, Secretary of a 401(c)3 charitable organization, volunteer for the San Juan National Forest.

    Recreational interests:  Dirt biking, snow biking, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, hunting

    Home state: Colorado

    How I got involved/goals for BRC:  I’ve been involved with our local dirt bike trail system for over 20 years.  We have been mired in disputes over a proposed Travel Management Plan from the Forest Service for over a decade.  We have helped the Forest Service defend against a lawsuit regarding the plan, and BRC and Paul Turcke were instrumental in that.  As we await a possibly final decision, I’ve grown more and more frustrated that the motorized recreational community seems to have to accept that limiting our losses is the best that we can do.  I hope that with national and local efforts by such organizations as BRC and the Trails Preservation Alliance in Colorado, we might slow the bleeding.

  • I bring to the table 18 years of working with public lands managers including The United States Forest Service, The Bureau of Land Management and Oregon State Forest. Through the 2005 Travel Management Plan Process my club acquired many miles for shared use motorized vehicles, miles we have had to build.

    I served two consecutive terms on the Southeast Oregon Resource Advisory Council.  Working with Commodity interests (i.e. holders of Federal grazing permits; Transportation/Rights-of-Way; Developed Outdoor Recreation, OHV Use, or commercial recreation; commercial timber industry; or energy and mineral development), Non-commodity interests (i.e. National/Regional Environmental Interests; Dispersed Recreation Activities; Archaeological/Historical Interests; or National/Regional Wild Horse and Burro Groups), and Public interests (i.e. State, County, Local Elected Officials; State Natural Resource Agency; Native American Tribal Interests; Academicians in Natural Resources; or the Public-at-Large).

    Currently I am involved with the building of 20 miles of new trail in the East Fort Rock OHV Area called Rim Butte OHV Area.  A direct result of mine and the club’s work throughout the 2005 Travel Management Plan Process. I am an active Pacific Northwest 4 Wheel Drive Association member.  I belong to Deschutes County 4 Wheelers.  I volunteer to help at events such as Oregon’s Creek n’ Trail and many clean ups from the Oregon Coast to Christmas Valley Sand Dunes.

    I understand the difficulty in saving motorized vehicle access on our public lands.  I have been actively participating in that struggle and we have been successful in winning trails for all classes.  Whether commenting through the public input process or actually building trails to maintaining and upkeep I have been involved…(MORE)

  • I have been a long-time member of Cal4wheel and a club member of 3 different clubs. I hold the office of President in my current club (Ready2Rock) I am a forest service volunteer…(MORE)

  • Born in the west I am a recreational user of our public lands in just about every conceivable form. My participation rates are highest with dirt bike riding, mountain bike riding, hiking, hunting and fishing, and the camping that supports these activities. I recreate throughout the west from Texas to Washington but my home area is northern NM and southern CO. I donate over 500 hrs a year supporting trail work and advocacy (i.e. participation in Forest Plan Revisions). I am a trail builder extraordinaire with over 30 years of trail building experience.

    I am currently vice president of the Santa Fe Fat Tire Society, a mountain bike advocacy group.  Under the flag of this organization I work tirelessly with the staff of our local forests to prevent user conflicts, and to resolve the conflicts that do arise. I am currently negotiating with our local wilderness advocacy organization to use a National Recreation Area designation instead of Wilderness when pursuing additional average for conservation.  Designation as a NRA enables prescriptive restrictions with much more flexibility then W.  Continued access with motor and wheels is a must for support of additional acreage. I am a USFS C level, certified sawyer and a certified trail crew leader. I am currently operating under a volunteer service agreement that authorizes motorcycle use on non-motorized trails both for clearing of downfall and as a vehicle to commute to remote work sites to perform tread work.

    Every day I am on the trail I am challenged by someone yet everyone of those interactions has ended on a positive note.  I am an advocate for multiple use access…(MORE)