Ochoco Summit Trail System


After many years of work and input from stakeholders on all sides of the issue, the U.S. Forest Service recently approved an updated motorized travel plan within the Ochoco National Forest in central Oregon. The Forest Service, recognizing recreational OHV users as legitimate public lands stakeholders, checked every box in the creation of this trail system. It was a compromise for all involved. Nonetheless WildEarth Guardians, Oregon Wild, and the Sierra Club and others immediately challenged the decision.

Wild Earth Guardians on the Ochoco.

“The Ochoco Summit Trail System project would increase miles designated for OHV use on the forest by 20 percent, adding new scars to the landscape of old growth ponderosa pine and extremely fragile scabland ecosystems. Attendant OHV use will disrupt wildlife that inhabits the secluded Ochoco Mountains, including Rocky Mountain elk, mule deer, redband trout, and gray wolves…”

As you can see this is yet another attempt on a well-trod path to ban OHV users from areas where we have every right to be. Sharetrails.org/BlueRibbon Coalition intends to intervene to support this trail network and Riders Unite needs your help to fund this effort. Please consider participating in our raffle or donating directly. Riders Unite – uniting riders to protect access!

For more reading: https://www.fs.usda.gov/detail/ochoco/news-events/?cid=FSEPRD492130


Ochoco Summit Trail System

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