Message to Members-May 18, 2020


There is little we love more than the freedom afforded in the outdoors. Many that flock to any kind of off roading do so because they are, at heart, explorers. We all agree that the road less traveled is the path we want to take.

We are facing the most significant economic crisis since the Great Depression. In fact, the unemployment numbers now are worse in many respects and are expected to worsen. More than ever we need each other. We need to stand together, neighbor with neighbor. It is time to look back on President Kennedy’s admonition “ask not what the country can do for you but ask what you can do for the country.”, We need to expand this to include what we can do for each other.

We are just as concerned and saddened over the closures of state and federal recreation areas but believe that these closures are temporary. We need to reach out to state parks, BLM and the Forest Service and ask how we can help. What can we as recreationists do to help clean these areas, fix them up in preparation of their reopening or facilitate the peaceful resolution of disputes?

Now is not the time to storm closed areas or harass public officials about opening dates. They are doing the best they can to comply with city, county, state and federal health directives. We at BRC/Sharetrails keep a close eye on opening dates and directives. We are fielding more access issues than ever. Let us know if there are unlawful orders or failure to open situations, we can help you address.

As an organization, and chartered 501c3 we cannot, and will not, engage in any kind of illegal activity. We cannot condone illegal gatherings. We have a mission to engage and persuade political decision makers, or when necessary, file a legal claim to ensure your access continues. We get a lot more done when our members are persistent, engaged but polite. We lose credibility when its perceived that we are violent or promote such activities.

Unlawful Activities (Adopted 05-08-14)

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing diverse forms of recreational access. Its members and supporters span all walks of life and points on the sociopolitical spectrum. BlueRibbon Coalition exists, in part, to channel frustration with the status quo through skillful, strategic efforts within the bounds of the law in administrative, legislative, judicial and media channels. BlueRibbon Coalition neither participates in nor condones knowingly unlawful activity of any kind.

For those of you who have watched the President’s briefings and seen Doctor Birx in her role as the transition spokesperson, think of her. She is engaged but polite. She is able to correct errors without challenging egos. She is firm and yet personable.  She seems always prepared and knowledgeable, consistent and reasonable. We can try to remember her style and behavior.

Let’s do this together. If we’re smart, we will emerge in a better position than ever. We can assure you the legislative and access issues we are fighting now are the biggest ever.  We need each other.


Joni Mogstad                                                    Spencer Gilbert
President of the Board                                    Executive Director
BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails                BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails