IDAHO – Salmon-Challis NF Plan Revision Update


The Salmon-Challis National Forest has posted documents online at discussing the existing 1987 Challis Forest Plan and 1988 Salmon Forest Plan.  The documents include existing plan direction organized by resource area and information about laws, regulations, and policies put into place since the existing plans were developed. Over the last several weeks, the Planning Team has been refining the documents based upon feedback received during an early March meeting with cooperating agencies.  Additional effort was put into making the documents easier to navigate and understand.

The public workshops originally scheduled for April have been postponed; however, we intend to engage the public in discussions about the plan review when appropriate.

The forest plan revision effort was initiated in 2017 with the idea of developing one plan for the two forests that were administratively combined more than 20 years ago. Some members of the public questioned whether the existing Salmon and Challis forest plans needed to be changed, and they asked the agency to examine each plan in more detail. The posted documents are an effort by the Salmon-Challis National Forest to provide the public information on the existing plans and additional direction that has come out since the plans were developed.  After we have a chance to engage with stakeholders, the Salmon-Challis National Forest Supervisor expects to use the findings from the review and public input, and determine whether each plan should be revised, amended, or left unchanged.

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