Executive Director’s Update For January 8, 2020


Dear Friends,

Over the weekend, we were threatened by the leader of another off-road group. I want to share the threat:

“I shall be spending the next few weeks contacting every single one of your sponsor companies and organizations, at every level of industry, every single club that has an affiliation with BlueRibbon Coalition, and let them know that Mr. Gilbert, [myself], and the rest of BRC is specifically working to limit access to public lands, and how that will impact access and directly their sales.”

You’re probably wondering what we did to motivate someone to want to go to so much time and effort to destroy our reputation and cause financial damages to our organization.

Last week a group of 91 fringe environmental groups sent a letter to Interior Secretary Bernhardt asking him to remove William Perry Pendley from his position as director of the BLM. Many of the groups on this letter are the ones leading the fight to close access to the areas we love.

After reading this letter, we thought it would be a good idea to write a letter supporting Interior Secretary Bernhardt and BLM Director Pendley. After all, the Trump Administration has been one of the friendliest towards maintaining or expanding access that we have ever worked with.

It was because we wanted to make a public show of support for President Trump and his leadership team that this leader of an off-road group in northern Nevada decided to come after us. The individual who threatened us actually suggested we should add our name to the list of 91 anti-access groups calling for Pendley’s removal. This person apparently thinks we support restricting access because we wouldn’t join the Sierra Club, Western Watersheds Project, Great Old Broads for Wilderness and 88 other groups in condemning Pendley.

You will notice that we didn’t name this individual. This isn’t about him. This is about something much bigger.

We posted a video response to these threats on our Facebook page, and we hope you will take a minute to watch the video.

Watch the video here http://bit.ly/brc-video-010720

If you’re sick of infighting amongst ourselves, we hope you’ll watch and share this video.

If you’re sick of losing access, watch and share this video.

If you’re ready for a bigger, bolder vision of how we can better seize the opportunities before us and find ways to permanently protect our access, watch and share this video.

If there is one attribute that unites us all, it is that we are adventurous. When we go exploring we connect to something bigger than ourselves – whether it’s our families, our friends, or spectacular places – and we get closer to reaching our potential. This is something worth fighting harder for. This is something worth fighting smarter for. And this is something worth uniting for.

We’re ready for this adventure. We hope you will join us.


Spencer Gilbert
Executive Director
BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails