CALIFORNIA – Updated Announcement Regarding Land Use in Johnson Valley Area

Johnson Valley Shared Use Area

USMC 2020/2021 Johnson Valley Shared Use Area Closure Dates

The Marine Corps will temporarily close the Johnson Valley Shared Use Area to the public beginning Thursday 30 April through Monday 11 May 2020 in order to conduct military training. The closure period will include the necessary time required to conduct pre- and post- inspections of the land with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  The Marine Corps will provide notification when the area is reopened for public access.

The adjacent Johnson Valley Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Area, managed by the BLM, will remain open to the public for recreation purposes during the closure of the Shared Use Area. Off-road enthusiasts can also enjoy the nearby Stoddard Valley OHV Open Area.

As previously announced, the Marine Corps will close the Shared Use Area to the public to conduct military training during the additional following dates:

* 30 October-09 November 2020
* 30 April-10 May 2021
* 29 October-08 November 2021

For additional information, including a map of the area, please visit: or contact the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Resource Management Group at 760-830-3737 or

As always, call or email if you have any questions or comments.

Ric Foster
Public Lands Volunteer
BlueRibbon Coalition/Sharetrails
208-237-1008 ext. 2