Busiest Month in BRC History

Representative Pau A. Gosar-AZ

The last thirty days have been some of the busiest in BRC’s history. We have been connecting with off-road enthusiasts from coast to coast, we have been on the front lines of the biggest fights, and we are engaging in a variety of issues where we need your help. We will send you a series of updates on issues we are working on in your area, but for this email we wanted to focus on my recent trip to Washington DC.

While there I met with our allies at SEMA and AMA. Our friends at SEMA are working hard to protect racing with the RPM Act. They are also continuing their efforts to protect racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. They were very interested in learning more about the challenges arising from grant audits in California that are unfairly targeting OHV charitable organizations. Our allies with AMA were excited to share with us improvements that are being fought for in Congress to the RTP program.

I also met with the attorneys at the Pacific Legal Foundation to learn more about how we can use the Congressional Review Act to our advantage in challenging adversarial land-use decisions by federal agencies. We strongly recommend you visit www.redtaperollback.com to learn more about this effort, so we can have a broader discussion about how the legal precedents being set surrounding the Congressional Review Act can benefit public land access.

I also met with the land policy staff for the following members of Congress:

  • Senator Mike Lee (UT)
  • Senator McSally (AZ)
  • Representative Tom McClintock (CA)
  • Representative John Curtis (UT)
  • Representative Paul Gosar (AZ)
  • Representative Scott Tipton (CO)

I also met with top advisors to Interior Secretary Bernhardt. The purpose of these visits was primarily educational to let members of Congress and the Trump Administration know where our priorities are. I also learned a lot about various land bills that are working their way through Congress, so that we can educate the off-road community about them. If you are in Colorado, Montana, California, or Nevada, we need you to connect with our team. We have work to do. It is always possible that we get an omnibus public lands package during a lame duck session of Congress, and we need be vigilantly protecting our access. We are also supportive of efforts being led by AMA, MIC, and Representative Curtis to improve the RTP program to offer funding levels consistent to the amount paid into the program by OHV gas taxes.

Help us in California HERE

Help us in Colorado HERE

Help us in Montana HERE

Help us in Nevada HERE

All in all, this was a productive trip, and strong relationships were made. I am already strengthening relationships with staff from Senator Daines’ office and I’m planning meetings with members of the Nevada delegation. Our plans for the upcoming months are ambitious. Please reach out to us if you are aware of ways we can help expand or protect access in your neck of the woods. With the workload we already have on our plate, we are going to be busy. We hope to keep expanding our team as we grow to meet the many challenges we face. As always, we couldn’t do any of this without your continued support. Above all, none of this would even be worth it, if what we are fighting to protect wasn’t so valuable.

Adventure is not a crime. The desire to take risks, explore new things, and connect with the natural world is a righteous desire that empowers us to succeed, strengthens our bonds with friends and family, and has defined who we are as Americans for centuries. This is worth fighting for.

Yours in Adventure

Ben Burr
Policy Director
BlueRibbon Coalition